the night, the magic

January 9, 2008 at 3:37 am (divine feminine, magic, mystery, passion, power)


i’m a night owl. i stay up late when i should be in bed, preparing for tomorrow. the night is the domain of woman. moonlight illuminates and creates spooky shadows. babies are born in the night when the world sleeps and threats are at bay. night, so quiet, gives ample time to ponder and pray.

take back the night…

the battle cry isn’t just about making the world safer for a woman to walk alone. it’s also about reclaiming and utilizing the power of woman. take back the night means owning our intuitive and empathic abilities. take back the night means being free to believe in mysteries and the power of magic spells. take back the night means allowing wisdom to come from unidentified, mystical sources. take back the night means resting in our emotions be they positive or negative. take back the night means celebrating sensuality, the body and nature. take back the night means relaxing into cycles that are bigger and more pure than our own ambitions.

i never left the night.

did you?



  1. christine said,

    I’m not afraid of the dark anymore!

    Great blog.

  2. fallenwoman said,

    great news!

  3. MelissaQ said,

    OOOh, I like that. its deep..
    Great blog, and beautiful art!

  4. shirley said,

    I too like the night! And enjoyed my visit here very much.

  5. fallenwoman said,

    good to see the ladies of night responding to the battle cry!

  6. jess. said,

    wow, really nice blog 🙂

    i used this theme for one of my (spare) wp blogs too — it’s just so fitting.

    beautiful pictures too.

  7. Michelle (artscapes) said,

    Now I remember why I love the night so much – Beautifully written!

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